About Us

meetingType of Organization: Incorporated as Not for Profit without Share Capital

Year Of Incorporatıon: 2001
Incorporated Under: Ontario, Canada
Incorporation Number: 1472165

Who We Are:

Canadian Iraqi Turkmen Culture Association of London (CITCAL) is a Canadian ethno-cultural incorporated nonprofit organization (civil society organization) focuses on the encouragement, engagement, retention, and development of our community members (Turkmen/Turks and Iraqi background from different ethnic groups) as a means to a more integration, dynamic, and inclusive London/Ontario community for better future.


We are passionate about new models of multi-cultural communities partnership, cooperative work and the building of bridges and relationships that will benefit community at all levels,.and about having a really good living time along the way!The CITCAL offers a comfortable environment for clients where they are treated with respect, where each voice is heard and where all are welcome regardless of their beliefs, orientation or life choices.


We are as a nonprofit association that assists individuals and families in Canadian life need aspects that related to culture, social, education, employment, integration and the many challenges that can be associated with it. The organization supports a diverse client base, providing counselling and advocacy and linking people to multiple services based on need.The CITCAL holds many community events related to culture, tradition, language, music, sport, picnic, life style, health, social and professional networking on monthly, quarter, and annual basis.The CITCAL specifically represents Iraqi-Turkmen community as well as other Iraqi and Turkic groups in order to maintain and follow-up their interests within Canadian institutions to overcome their barriers with respect to the language, settlement, study, judiciary, welfare, media, publication, etc.,

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